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Serving Faith and Inspiration: Uncommon Sports Group x Professional Basketball Chaplains

USG and the Professional Basketball Chaplains alongside the Fathers & Men of Professional Basketball Players at the Marion County Jail Outreach.
USG and the Professional Basketball Chaplains alongside the Fathers & Men of Professional Basketball Players at the Marion County Jail Outreach.

The NBA All-Star Weekend is an annual event that brings basketball fans and players together to celebrate the best the sport has to offer. While the focus is primarily on the players and the games they play, there is a group of individuals who work behind the scenes to provide faith-based support and guidance to the athletes during this high-intensity event - the Professional Basketball Chaplains (PBC). Uncommon Sports Group had the privilege of coming alongside these Chaplains while they served not only the NBA but the city of Indianapolis as well. It was an honor for USG to help this service-minded group while they set out on a mission to share how much Jesus loves us all and how that message can be shared, regardless of the logo on your shirt. 

The weekend kicked off with the NBA All-Star Weekend Gospel Celebration hosted by the Madam Walker Legacy Center. It featured gospel artists Dante Brown, Koryn Hawthron, Kelonte Gavin, and an outstanding session by Angella Christie on the saxophone. This event centered around honoring God and included testimonies from Oscar Tshiebwe from the Indiana Pacers, locals Kyra and Mike Epps and Andre Iguodala, and mother Linda Shanklin on how their belief and the persistent pursuit of a relationship with God has been vital throughout their many achievements.. It was an inspiring night knowing that the NBA has so much more to offer than the game of basketball. 

Taking time to serve the NBA All-Star Game host city of Indianapolis through various outreach efforts was a priority for the NBA Chaplains and its partners..  This included visiting three blocks of inmates at the Marion County Jail alongside the Fathers & Men of Professional Basketball Players. These visits were marked by time in prayer and testimonies of encouragement and hope.

Uncommon Sports Group's service time with the NBA Chaplains included a free laundry and gear distribution event. We aided many community members in covering the costs of their laundry while providing some inspiration and conversation during their time at the facility.

The time spent in between loads of laundry and sharing life experiences with locals who were able to brave the six inches of snowfall was an encouraging experience for everyone involved. We were also able to hand out over 100 lbs of apparel that we’ve collected through our Clean Out For A Cause (COFAC) program.

Thanks to our generous Clean Out For A Cause supporters and our hosts at Laundry and Tan Connections, we distributed over 100 pounds of apparel to individuals in need.

On the penultimate day of All-Star Weekend, we continued celebrating what the Lord is doing in the NBA while attending the Athletes In Action All-Star Breakfast and the PBC Chaplains Luncheon. Both of these events honored past and present members of the NBA community for their faithfulness in honoring the Lord while serving their communities.  These events featured great testimonies from NBA legends like Jerry Colangelo and Bobby Jones, as well as current athletes like Cody Zeller and Oscar Tshiebwe.

The 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis is just a glimpse of the invaluable work performed by the Professional Basketball Chaplains. Through their dedication, the chaplains provide an essential foundation of faith, support, and inspiration to the NBA players during one of the most exciting events of the basketball season. Their presence and contributions not only impact the players' performance on the court but also foster an environment of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Uncommon Sports Group is thankful for the opportunity to come alongside these unsung heroes and be a part of such an inspiring weekend.

If you'd like to know more about Clean Out for a Cause of the community of Uncommon Sports Group, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!


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