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Clean Out For A Cause: Why I Donate

Equipment manager Jalen Stone assists a hockey player with his skates.

Jalen Stone is presently an Assistant Equipment Manager at the University of Michigan and a long-time supporter of Uncommon Sports Group's funding operation titled Clean Out For A Cause®. In this blog, Jalen shares why donating to Clean Out For A Cause® is a beneficial and worthwhile investment.

"Uncommon Sports Group has a special place in my heart for one simple reason. My relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in my life, and I love sports. USG has provided an intersection of both of these loves in my life. The organization has helped me grow both professionally in the field of college athletics and, more importantly, with my daily walk with Christ. From the relationships I have formed through USG, to the training program, to the doors and opportunities that God has opened up for me through USG I have many reasons why I choose to donate, but simply put God has blessed me so much through this organization.

Secondly, I have found that for me there are various ways that I can donate through USG. Whether it is through the Clean Out for a Cause® program, where I can donate the old apparel that I no longer need in my closet, or if it is raising money for a mission trip for the organization, or donating my time to help mentor students going through the USG Academy, engaging in a weekly book study with equipment managers around the country, or donating monetarily to staff. There are countless ways that I have found over the years that I can donate to USG, and I am so grateful that I do.

This organization strives to help lead young people in the sports industry to strengthen their relationship with Jesus and reach their own personal and professional goals. The organization's leaders have always been strong allies of mine and have been huge supporters of me in times of trials and tribulations. How could I not pour back into an organization that has poured so much time, energy, and love into me and my relationship to Jesus?

I love getting to tell others in the sport industry about USG and what the organization's mission and purpose is. I love getting to help shepherd young people in the industry in their walk with Christ. I love the relationships that I have formed through USG. I absolutely love USG, and for these reasons, I donate back."

Learn more about how you can support Uncommon Sports Group's mission to develop Christ-centered leaders of the college and pro sport industry by visiting our Clean Out For A Cause® website.

If you are a young professional working in the college or pro sport industry, discover how to get involved with USG's nationwide community of Christians working in sports by clicking here or contacting a staff member!


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