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Hear what industry professionals have
to say about Uncommon Sports Group

Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy

All Pro Dad

"Sports are one of the most influential platforms in the world. That's why Uncommon Sports Group® is committed to developing the future leaders of the sports industry to use this platform for God's glory."

Johnny Shelton

Johnny Shelton

Team Chaplain

Baltimore Ravens

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Drew and develop a relationship with him over the past two years. I’ve heard his heart and I know it’s real. I am thrilled but not surprised to see what started as a class project develop into an organization that delivers HOPE to a sometimes hopeless world!!!!


When I think about USG, I see people that are selfless and want to make a difference in the lives of others. The student managers are committed to serving the entire program in almost every capacity.


I think that it is a life changing opportunity that will leave a lasting impact on the world while furthering their personal development as well. If you want to make a difference in the lives of people, invest in Uncommon Sports Group®."

Ryan Saunders.jpg

Ryan Saunders

NBA Coach

"USG is an incredible opportunity for anyone pursuing a career in professional or collegiate sports to grow spiritually and professionally!"

David Cutcliffe

David Cutcliffe

Duke Football

"Throughout my career in coaching, the most selfless, team-oriented group of people has been our equipment staff and our student managers. Not only do they put the team first, they personally sacrifice their time and needs in order to serve others with a loyalty second to none!


USG embraces all of these qualities in every aspect of the organization. On a world-wide basis, USG serves those in need while mentoring young people to reach beyond themselves to serve others. We embrace this organization 100%!"

Larry Hare

Larry Hare

Assistant AD 

Equipment Director 

Kansas Athletics

"I'm grateful my staff has embraced USG as much as they have. The Clean Our For A Cause® program has proven so helpful to us and we know the impact is exponential as USG makes a difference right here in the US, and throughout the word."

Frank Beamer

Frank Beamer

Virginia Tech Football

"I cannot think of a better opportunity to reward some of the hardest working members of our program, the student managers. USG provides a unique program developed to positively progress the lives of these young men and women on and off-the field.


USG's programs providing funding for service projects nationwide, and mission trips to Africa, not only help cultivate the future leaders of sport, but they also provide resources to those in need."

Tubby Smith

Tubby Smith

High Point Men's Basketball

"Our student managers are often some of the most selfless individuals, committed to serving our entire program in almost every capacity.


I am thrilled to see USG providing them the opportunity for personal development while engaging them in service to others on both a domestic and international scale."

Darrin Gray

Darrin Gray

Co-Author: The Jersey Effect Director of Partnership Development, All Pro Dad

"USG is on the move under the passionate leadership of founder & President, Drew Boe. There's limitless potential for USG to grow because of Drew's God-centered business plan and innovative sports apparel donation model."


Shane Beamer

Head Coach 

University of South Carolina

"USG collects items from our locker room and maximizes their impact far beyond what I ever imagined their value to be. There is not a simpler, or more effective way to clean out my locker each season, than by donating these items to USG."

Ryan Grooms

Ryan Grooms

former Director of Equipment

Notre Dame Football

"As a former manager I understand the commitment student managers make to their respective program. USG has created an amazing opportunity to reward them for their hard-work in a manner that will help them grow as men and women and assist those in need. It would have been an incredible experience to participate through USG early in my career."

We're grateful for the support of our endorsees, donors, and ambassadors!


For more information on our USG Academy click here.

If you are interested in our Clean Out for a Cause program, you can visit us here.

If you questions about Uncommon Sports Group, please contact us. We'd love to speak with you.

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