USG Reflection Scholarship

Fall 2020

Deadline to apply is December 11, 2020 @ 11:59pm

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USG is committed to your personal development!

This scholarship is available for anyone working in the sport industry:

Student Managers


Graduate Assistants

Intercollegiate Administrators


Other Sport Professionals

This scholarship can be used for personal, spiritual, or professional development.  This may include paying off student loans, tuition, job board memberships, conference fees, etc.

Scholarship Amounts:






Our Fall 2020 Scholarship Process:




Watch Ben Watson's interview with the Gospel Coalition below!

Reflect on the video and answer the question provided below.

Once your essay is completed, submit it in the application form.


Watch Video


Reflect & Write

In your essay, please answer the following questions:

1. Have you experienced an imposed ceiling or limitation on your life? How did you respond to this? 


2. What do you think is the answer to establishing racial reconciliation and societal unity in our country and world? 


3. How can you imitate Christ to advocate for and serve marginalized and fragmented populations in your community? 


Submit Essay


• 12 point font

• Times New Roman

• 500-800 words

• Double Spaced

• Please add your name and word count to the top of your essay

• PDF File