USG Reflection Scholarship


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USG is committed to your personal development!

This scholarship is available for anyone working in the sport industry:

Student Managers


Graduate Assistants

Intercollegiate Administrators


Other Sport Professionals

This scholarship can be used for personal, spiritual, or professional development.  This may include paying off student loans, tuition, job board memberships, conference fees, etc.

Scholarship Amounts:






Our Spring 2021 Scholarship Process:




Watch Tim Tebow's "LIVE FOR JESUS" speech (5 minutes).

Reflect on the video and answer the questions provided below.

Once your essay is completed, submit it in the application form.


Watch Video


Reflect & Write

In your essay, please answer the following questions:

1. What were your thoughts after seeing the photo that Tim Tebow touched on and the story of South African photographer Kevin Carter? 


2. Are you presently living a life that is rooted in success or significance? Why or why not? 


3. With the close of 2020, how can you live a life that is rooted in Christ and loving others well through 2021 and beyond? 


Submit Your Essay

Please make sure your essay:

• Includes your name, present employer, and role

• Is 500-800 words (please note your word count on your submission)

• Is submitted as a PDF file

Our Spring 2021 application is closed. Please consider applying for our Fall 2021 scholarship!