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Scholarship Terms & Conditions

Program Overview

The scholarship program is in place to have student managers, interns, graduate assistants, administrators, coaches, and young professionals within an intercollegiate or professional athletics program to read and reflect on a pre-selected article/book/video. The students or young professionals will be given access to review the material sent and respond professionally in the form of a scholarship essay application.


Purpose of the Scholarship

To award funding for students/young professionals who work or are affiliated with an athletic program, professional or intercollegiate. If students have other scholarships in place that will cover the costs of school, any additional funding provided by Uncommon Sports Group (USG) will be sent in the form of a check to the student with school, personal, spiritual, or professional related funding being the intent of its use. In the instance that a non-student is selected, funds will be sent directly to the recipient.


Selection Process

When available, USG will utilize a Scholarship Review Committee composed of individuals from the athletic realm to independently review finalist applications as selected by the USG Director of Development. The Review Committee will send their ranked finalist and USG will utilize a point system to determine the scholarship recipients. In the event that a Review Committee is not available, the Director of Development will have the USG CEO serve in place of the Review Committee. The above process will still apply to selecting the scholarship recipients.


Scholarship Prizes

Funding will vary based on sponsorship participation. The first place scholarship recipient will receive the largest amount in scholarship funding, followed by second place, followed by third place, followed by eighteen honorable mentions. In most cases, there will be twenty-one applicants selected for funding, however if additional funding is available, USG reserves the right to award more scholarships.


Awarding of Funds

USG will send all funding directly to the recipient's school and the school will apply the funding to the student’s account. In the event that no further funding can be applied to the student's account or we have deemed it necessary to be used for other purposes, USG will send a check with the remaining funding to the recipient.


Terms and Conditions

By selecting this box you are agreeing and accepting these Terms and Conditions. All applicants are required to be a student or working within the field of sports in the United States of America. After the review of all applicants, winners will be selected and notified. Prizes will be monetary in nature. The total amount of the awarded funds is indicated through the Uncommon Sports Group website and through scholarship print material. USG reserves the right for winning applicants' names to be posted to the Uncommon Sports Group website and all/portions of their application may be posted to the website.

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