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The Uncommon Podcast Ep. 10: How Did You Get There? w/ Aaron Wasson, University of Oregon
The Uncommon Podcast Ep. 14: How Did You Get There? Tommy McClelland, Vanderbilt University

The Uncommon Podcast Ep. 14: How Did You Get There? Tommy McClelland, Vanderbilt University

In this episode, we sit down with Tommy McClelland, the former Director of Athletics at McNeese State and Louisiana Tech, and the current Deputy Athletic Director of External Affairs and Revenue Generation at Vanderbilt University, to hear his career story. Episode Breakdown: - Tommy shares how he got his start in the sport industry and why he decided to pursue a career in intercollegiate athletics. (1:42) - Tommy shares his advice on how to land internships and opportunities as a young professional. (5:02) - Tommy shares how he became the Director of Athletics at McNeese State at the age of 25. (8:00) - Tommy talks about his time as Director of Athletics at Louisiana Tech. (16:27) - Tommy talks about his decision to leave the Director of Athletics chair to work in the power 5. (18:37) - Tommy shares his advice to any young professional desiring to work in college athletics. (24:39) Follow us on our social platforms! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Visit our website: Listen to MORE episodes of the Uncommon Podcast! Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Amazon Music:
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