The USG Academy

Your gateway to becoming a USG member starts
with our unique, virtual, 8-week training experience!

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How it works:

Acceptance & Payment

Our staff will give you a call after you apply to talk through your application! This call will make sure you will be a good fit for our training experience. Once accepted you will be required to pay an $100 fee which covers the entire Training Experience. Yes, that means your entire Weekend Gathering is free!

Training Materials

Before you start the training, we will send you a box of materials for you to get started! This includes a t-shirt, journal, pen, study Bible, Purpose-Driven Life, The Playbook, and a few other fun items!

8-Week Training

Our 8-week, virtual training will consist of daily readings from Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren along with sport industry-related content in our USG exclusive curriculum, "The Playbook". After each week, you will be asked to complete an assignment or a call to action.

Impact Weekend

Once you complete the 8-week training, you will join the rest of your team in the designated city for a Weekend Gathering. These weekends consist of Bible studies, fellowship, facility tours, guest speakers, sporting events, and much more! Covered by the deposit is your travel, meals, lodging, and hands-on training during the weekend.

Our 8-week training breakdown:


Each day you will be asked to read a chapter of Purpose-Driven Life and answer the questions in our USG curriculum: The Playbook.


The Playbook will guide you through each day while also giving sport industry wisdom that relates directly to the Scripture/topics.

day 1.png
day 1 pt 1.png


At the end of each week you will be asked to complete "call-to-actions" through our online course portal. These "call-to-actions" will allow you to put all you learned into action and take tangible steps to grow your faith and career.

Some of the "call-to-actions" you will be asked to complete:

- Creating a Resume
- Conducting an Informational Interview
- Taking a Quiz on the Authority of Scripture
- Taking the Gallup Strengths Assessment 


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Check out this video to see what
training could be like for you!


Our Next Training Teams:

Please select your team based upon your ability to
complete the training and attend the weekend.

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Application Deadline:


8 Week Training:

August 30 to October 25, 2021

Weekend Gathering:

November 19 to November 21, 2021




Application Deadline:

November 22, 2021


8 Week Training:

Dec. 6, 2021 to January 30, 2022

Weekend Gathering:

February 18 to February 20, 2022

new york.png



Application Deadline:

January 17, 2022

8 Week Training:

February 7 to April 4, 2022

Weekend Gathering:

April 22 to April 24, 2022

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