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The USG Ambassador Program

Walk alongside USG members on their path to becoming Christ-centered leaders of the sport industry.

Who can be an ambassador?

We are looking for PRESENT leaders in the sport industry who:

  • Understand the unique professional and spiritual challenges for individuals working in the sport industry.

  • Have industry experience and a desire to help those that want to work in the sport industry.

  • Have their life built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, treasuring Him above all else.

We are not looking for "perfect" ambassadors, just those with a heart to walk alongside our members and who seek the growth of the Kingdom of God.

How can I get involved?

Join a Mission Trip

Help USG Staff lead one of our many mission trips across the country and world.

The USG Academy

Help participants complete our Training Experience so they can build a solid foundation for their faith and career before becoming apart of the Network.

Guest Speaking

Become a guest speaker at

one of our Weekend Gatherings and share with our participants about your faith and career journey.

Lead a Book Study

Lead USG members through on of your favorite Christian books or a book in the Bible.

Become a Mentor

Become a mentor to our members and help guide them through their career, faith, and challenges they may face.

Give an Interview

Join a member of the USG Team in an interview format, sharing your testimony or expertise for by video or for our Podcast.

Are you interested and willing to become a USG Ambassador?


If so, please email Drew Boe for more information and to discuss the ways that you'd like to be involved.

For more information on our USG Academy, click here. If you'd like to ask our team a question, you are always welcome to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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