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Personal Experience with the Gallup CliftonStrenthts Assessment

Students talk through the Gallup CliftonStrenghts Assessment in Miami, FL

My first experience with the Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment was while I was a member of USG (MOAM). Over the summer of 2020 when many activities were canceled, USG was able to provide many opportunities for us to stay involved in the organization and provide resources to grow, one of which was the Strengths Assessment.

I had taken several “personality tests” previously but all they seemed to do was tell me how I acted in a certain way and kind of ended there. There never seemed to be much depth to them and no one ever took the time to sit and talk through with me what the results meant. When I decided I’d participate in taking the assessment and commit to the coaching sessions it was more out of obligation than out of curiosity or thinking it could be beneficial. I’m glad I was wrong!

Working through some tough, introspective questions about my results with Mikey really helped me understand myself better and who God created me to be. I learned about the parts of my personality that help me interact with others, was affirmed in why certain activities bring me joy (and why others don’t), and gave me an understanding of what I do well and why. Sometimes it’s easy to be blinded by the impact that we have on those around us, from little seemingly insignificant interactions to large-scale contexts. The StrengthsFinders was my favorite part of the MOAM 2020 Summer Circuit which made me excited and even more intrigued to learn about the assessments, results, and individual strengths when I joined staff with USG.

As I have had the opportunity to work with over 15 students reviewing their strengths results I continue to grow in understanding of myself and really enjoy helping others make connections between their strengths and different aspects of their lives - work, family, hobbies, faith, etc. Many times I’ve been able to affirm our members that they are in the right place or heading in the right direction with their career just from conversations we’ve had about how they use their strengths every day within work and how it energizes them.

Along with seeing the impact professionally, I’ve experienced how helpful this assessment has been within my personal life as well. My husband took his strengths assessment during our season of engagement and our pre-marriage counselor was able to talk through the results with both of us. This has given me a deeper level of understanding of my husband's personality, how we complement each other, and how we can support each other daily!

Understanding how unique God created me was the first step I needed as a young adult while I stepped into my professional career, continued to foster solid relationships, and really embrace the calling the Lord has for my life!

If you are curious about the StrengthFinders Assessment, be sure to check out this article for more information!


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