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USG Community Impact: Minneapolis Impact Weekend

Dominic Ferrucci talking with another Impact Weekend attendee in a conference room.

This past month, Uncommon Sports Group hosted twenty-two Academy graduates in Minneapolis, MN, for an Impact Weekend alongside the Christians Working in Sports (CWS) Conference. USG offers a fully funded Impact Weekend for every individual who completes the eight-week virtual USG Academy. These weekends provide Academy graduates with the opportunity to put what they have learned in the virtual Academy into action, as well as networking with present leaders of the college and pro sport industry, fellowshipping with other Christians in sports, and being challenged to grow in their walk with Christ. Read a full recap of the Minneapolis Impact Weekend here.

One of our participants on the Impact Weekend, Dominic Ferrucci, is presently working as a Student Equipment Manager with the football program at Boston College while studying Communications. Below is Dominic’s testimony of his experience during the Impact Weekend:

“I did not know what to expect when I stepped foot on the plane headed from Indianapolis to Minneapolis prior to the first annual Christians Working in Sports (CWS) Conference. I did not know anyone outside of the handful of people I had met at the gate just a few minutes prior that would be joining me on the journey, and upon arrival, the sense of uncertainty intensified. It was the same uncertainty that I am filled with when it comes to discerning my future. Currently a senior in college, I do not know where God will take me, and though I did not magically walk out of the CWS Conference with the next five years of my life planned out in exact detail, I returned to Indianapolis with reassurance that God’s plan will work out just the way that it is meant to work out.

My trust in God’s plan was reaffirmed as I sat and listened to amazing panelists provide their testimonies amongst my peers pursuing or already immersed in careers within the sports industry. With the help of these panelists enlightening this reality, I can say with confidence that each and every person that I sat alongside has a mission from God, and the only way to find that mission is by listening to Him. In an industry where objectivity in results is never present, having the knowledge that regardless of the result, God is there for us provides comfort. Comfort that so long as we are living according to God’s will, our lives and, by nature, the lives of those around us will be impactful. Because that is what we are ultimately in search of, making an impact. And I can confidently say that each person at the CWS Conference was driven to make an impact that will last far beyond a game, a season, or even a lifetime of sports achievement. With us all living out our individual missions to find Christ and spread His love to others, the industry of sports can affect lives in ways that nobody could possibly imagine… well, except for God. Thankfully, He can not only imagine, but He knows the impact that we can all have, and when we seek His answers, He will provide the light for our uncertain journey.

I had an incredible time at the Christians Working in Sports (CWS) Conference, and I cannot wait to return next year. A special shoutout goes to my Academy coach, Mikey Carpenter, for the passion he brings to helping others find their calling and to the entire staff of USG for putting such a great event together. It is the people in sports that allow for the industry to be a beacon of hope for others, and there is no better organization that exemplifies that reality than Uncommon Sports Group.”- Dominic Ferrucci, Boston College


It was so encouraging to see how God used this Impact Weekend and the CWS Conference to challenge, encourage, and grow the participants in their faith and career. We are grateful to Dominic for his testimony and commitment to serving Christ through the sport industry.

If you're interested in learning more about Uncommon Sports Group and how we can come alongside you as a Christian in the sport industry, click here to get in contact with us, or click here to apply to join the USG Academy!


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