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Networking with an NBA Player Development Coach

Uncommon Sports Group hosted a virtual networking event with Minnesota Timberwolves Player Development Coach Moses Ehambe, in which attendees were able to ask Coach Ehambe questions about his career and faith journey. This blog will share some of the highlights from the event!

A question early on in the event was how coach Ehambe stays connected to a local church, despite the busy schedule he has to work through in his role. Coach Ehambe touched on some important points, including the value of being connected to a source that can revitalize your soul, which would be God, as well as making the time to stay connected with the Lord. An example Coach Ehambe gave was on his drives to work each morning; he is intentional about praying, listening to worship music, and listening to the Bible app on his phone. This is a great example of fitting communion with God into a busy schedule and prioritizing it! In Coach Ehambe's answer to this question, he said, "You make time for what's important to you." Despite the busyness of a career in college and pro sports, it's possible to make time to grow in your relationship with Christ!

Another question that was posed to Coach Ehambe was how to get your foot in the door into professional sports. It can be challenging for young professionals to land that initial opportunity that propels them into a career within the industry. Coach's answer was simple: build relationships. In his answer, Coach Ehambe noted the difference between networking and building authentic relationships. Authentic relationships will help you get in the door, but it takes genuine care and interest in people to build those relationships.

Toward the end of the event, Coach Ehambe was asked how he maintains relationships within his professional network. He responded, "People remember what you do for them, but even more importantly, they remember how you make them feel." Coach seeks to show people in his network that he cares for them by making those individuals feel cared for. This approach can truly have an impact on the depth of relationships that young professionals have in their networks!

It was a joy to have Coach Ehambe share with our group about his experience as an NBA-level coach, as well as how he has navigated that role as a follower of Christ.


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