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CWS Conference Message: Pastor Mike Linch

In Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus commands His disciples to make disciples of all nations. This command is known as the Great Commission, and disciple-making is something that all Christians are commissioned to do. While many Christians in the sport industry have a desire to be obedient to this command, very few know how to practically make disciples in the athletics workspace.

In this message from the 2023 Christians Working in Sports (CWS) Conference featured on the Uncommon Podcast, Pastor Mike Linch of NorthStar Church in Kennesaw, Georgia, talks about what it practically means and looks like to make disciples while working in the college and pro sport industry.

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The Christians Working in Sports (CWS) Conference is an annual conference hosted in Minneapolis, MN, that aims to connect, encourage, and equip Christians working in the college and pro sport industry. The 2024 CWS Conference will be held in Minneapolis, MN, on June 21-22. Register for the 2024 CWS Conference or learn more here.

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