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CWS Conference Panel: Navigating Trials

When discussing facing trials, it is never an if but a when. It is a guarantee that we will face trials during our time here on earth (John 16:33). The sport industry presents a unique set of challenges, pressures, and temptations that can add to the already present difficulties of life.

This past summer, during the first-ever Christians Working in Sports (CWS) Conference, the topic of navigating trials was discussed by an experienced and gifted panel of speakers. The panel featured Tom Crean, former college basketball Head Coach at Marquette, Indiana, and Georgia; Laura Halldorson, former Head Coach of Minnesota's Women's Hockey team and 15-year staff member with the Golden Gopher Fund; Ryan Saunders, Assistant Coach with the Denver Nuggets; and Jonathan Isaac, Forward with the Orlando Magic and author of the book Why I Stand. In this episode of the Uncommon Podcast, you can listen to the panel session from the conference and receive some practical insight on navigating trails within the sport industry.

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The Christians Working in Sports (CWS) Conference is an annual conference hosted in Minneapolis, MN, that aims to connect, encourage, and equip Christians working in the college and pro sport industry. Register for the 2024 CWS Conference or learn more here.

Do you want to join the largest community of future Christian leaders of the college and pro sport industry? Apply to join here!


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