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2023 Uncommon Sports Management Professor of the Year Award Winner Announcement

Game Ball Award for Sports Management Professor of the Year

For the first time in our history, Uncommon Sports Group created an award that honors the many hard-working sports management professors across the country. The 2023 Uncommon Sports Management Professor Award had four nominees and over one thousand total votes submitted between the four professors! The nominees consisted of Josh Greer of Bethel University (McKenzie, Tennessee), Karen Boleska of the University of Missouri- Saint Louis, Dr. Amy Stucky of Taylor University (Upland, IN), and Jess Stainbrook of Colorado Christian University.

We are excited to announce that the winner of the first-ever Uncommon Sports Management Professor Award is Dr. Amy Stucky of Taylor University! Dr. Stucky has been at Taylor University for 28 years in various roles, including Associate Athletic Director and Assistant Professor of Sports Management. Below are some of the kind words that Dr. Stucky's students and colleagues had to share about her:

"A true woman of faith! She is passionate about her student’s success and is always your biggest supporter. She pushes her students to be their best and guides them to be as successful as possible. When I think of her, I think of a Christ-centered leader!"

"Professor Stucky always has time for her students, but she is also constantly looking for new opportunities for her students. Taylor doesn't have the blessing of being a big-time college with partnerships with big athletic departments and professional sports teams, but she persists in finding her students professional development opportunities. I have also never seen her with a bad attitude."

"Professor Stucky has been one of if not the most impactful people in my life. She encouraged me when I thought I may never be able to succeed academically, gave me a platform to use sport management as a way to impact our students, and pushed me to strive for things I never thought would be attainable. Her heart for her students and the Lord is unparalleled, and her approach to education as a ministry was life-changing for me. There is no one that is more deserving of such an award as Amy Stucky."

Amy Stucky has always given 100% effort into growing the Sport Management department. She teaches most all of the Sport Management classes, helps to run the Sport Management club, and tries to help every student with their life after college as well. She'll send any relevant career opportunities to us, and she found the internship opportunity that I did. She also is committed to growing and becoming better, as she is in the middle of getting her doctorate."

"Amy goes does everything in her power to help every student in our major. She has had a great impact on my life and has been a tremendous help when I’ve needed advice or direction. I’ll be forever grateful for everything she’s done for me and the improvement of our program at Taylor!"

Congratulations Dr. Stucky, and we are grateful for all that you are doing to develop Christ-centered leaders of the sport industry!


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