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USG's Spring 2023 Reflection Scholarship Opens Today!

USG Spring Scholarship graphic

Our Spring 2023 Reflection Scholarship Application officially opens up today! It has been a continual blessing for our organization to provide funding each semester to thirteen deserving winners. This semester, we are excited to see applicants be challenged by the essay questions, as well as have the opportunity to receive funding that can be used for paying off student loans, tuition, job board memberships, conference fees, and more!

How To Apply

You might be wondering how you can apply for the scholarship, as well as what is required on the application. The application for USG’s Spring 2023 Reflection Scholarship can be found on our website (see this link) under the scholarship tab. From there, the page provides instructions on what is required within the application. For this year’s application, you will be required to listen to one of the two podcast episodes provided on the application and write a 500-800 word reflection in response to the podcast episode you listened to. If you have any questions about the application process or if you are experiencing issues with the application, please contact us here!

What Can I Receive?

USG is awarding a total of $15,000 this semester in scholarship funding to thirteen winners. The first-place winner receives $3,000 in scholarship funds, the second-place winner receives $2,500 in scholarship funds, the third-place winner receives $2,000 in funds, and finally, ten honorable mention winners will receive $750 in scholarship funds. Our staff carefully reviews each application and essay response to determine the deserving scholarship winners. If you would like to learn more about the application review process, please contact a staff member here.

How Is Our Scholarship Funded?

Our scholarship is funded through Clean Out For A Cause®, which is Uncommon Sports Group’s initiative to maximize the impact of used and excess sports apparel and equipment. Over half of all professional sports organizations and hundreds of college teams have donated their excess team apparel and equipment to Clean Out For A Cause®. Our operations team carefully handles these items and sells them on our e-commerce website, Authentic Athletic Apparel. Over the course of USG’s existence, Clean Out For A Cause® has collected over 500,000 pounds in donations, and 100% of sales from those donations have been poured back into our ministry efforts, including the scholarship! We are incredibly grateful for each and every one of our Clean Out For A Cause® donors, as they are the engine behind USG. If you would like to donate to Clean Out For A Cause® or learn more about the initiative, please visit our Clean Out For A Cause® webpage here. We would also like to highlight this spring's scholarship sponsor, Helmet Tracker. USG is grateful for its commitment to sponsorship and for helping make this scholarship opportunity possible!

How Can I Stay Involved?

Are you new to USG and desire to stay involved beyond the scholarship? We are proud to be the largest community of Christian future leaders of the college and pro sport industry, and you can join by applying for the USG Academy at this link! The USG Academy is an eight-week virtual training program that will provide you with the necessary tools and information to become a Christ-centered leader within the sport industry. Completion of the USG Academy will grant you membership access to the USG community of over 300 young professionals in sports. If you are interested in learning more about our Academy, click here!


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