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USG Event Recap: National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Convention

USG's Members Attend the 2022 NABC Convention

All too often in my life I have found myself feeling alone and left in a place where I deeply desire community with other believers in my daily life. After graduating from Liberty University and moving to a new state, my greatest prayer was that I would come across Christian community with other like-minded individuals in my new city. God did not hesitate to answer this prayer! After becoming a USG member last year, I have been overjoyed to meet many Jesus-following sport professionals who have a similar mission as myself – to use the game of basketball as an avenue to reach people for Christ. The network that USG has connected me with shows me that I am not alone in this fight of being a Christian in the sports industry.

Last week, with the help of USG, I was blessed to be sent to New Orleans, Louisiana for the NABC Coaches Convention. I was overwhelmed by the blessing it was to experience a weekend of relationship building, professional development, and spiritual growth. Growing up a college basketball fan, the spectacle that is the Final Four always captivated my attention. The buildup that is generated throughout the month of March, all being culminated into a single weekend of fandom and excitement stirs up a childlike joy in the hearts of fans from every corner of the country. Now I find myself walking the halls of the largest NCAA coach’s convention, seeing the faces of coaches and players I have admired my entire life. This time, not as a fan, but a fellow coach. My natural response in this moment was to reflect on the blessing the Lord has given me of pursuing the opportunity of being a college basketball coach.

Without the mission of USG, I would not have had the chance to participate in such an experience as this. I left the weekend with a great sense of appreciation of what God has done in my life and the purpose that has been set on my heart to live for Him in the environment I have been placed. After feeling rejuvenated and aligned with this mission, I leave this once-in-a-lifetime experience with deep friendships, a clearly defined purpose, and unforgettable memories.


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