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USG Event Recap: AEMA Convention

Josh Meyer, Andrew Johnson, Jalen Stone, and Drew Boe at the Uncommon Sports Group booth at the AEMA Convention

It had been two years since members of the Athletic Equipment Managers Association (AEMA) congregated. Since then a lot has happened in the equipment manager industry. Many changes have taken place including new job changes, new tasks, elements to ensure cleanliness, and a new appreciation for fellowship. As a group, the sports industry has become accustomed to meeting virtually via Zoom, Teams, Google Chat and Facetime but if there is one role in the sports industry that thrives in person, it is equipment managers and members of the AEMA.

The membership and the AEMA convention in Las Vegas have a special place in the heart of Uncommon Sports Group as it was the first official public announcement of the direction of the organization, which was then known as Managers On A Mission (MOAM). With the support of so many coming from this convention, MOAM gained momentum from one mission trip to Rwanda to now hundreds of students impacted by scholarship opportunities, the USG Academy, service projects, conferences, and other resources which have been supported by so many in the equipment manager community.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Fellowship of Equipment Managers (FEM) during the convention. This has been a long-standing tradition that has continued for years and it is always a great way to bring together Christ-centered equipment managers and vendors for fellowship and devotionals. The participation was inspiring and we are looking to grow this fellowship more and more each year.

Personally, it was amazing to connect with many I have seen only virtually through our book study or via phone calls and email over the past two years. Getting a good handshake and hug from board member and fellow book study leader, Jalen Stone (University of Michigan), is a great example of the togetherness an event like this has. It was great to see so many longtime supporters stop by and say hi in the booth like Clifton Perry (Princeton) and the newly retired Kelly Jones (Gettysburg).

We were also able to connect with folks that are new to what USG is doing in the sports industry like Anthony Quiroz (Montana) and Easton Barrett (College of Idaho). It was amazing to share all of the amazing things happening and all that is coming for our organization that is going to be celebrating ten years in 2023.

Thank you to all the AEMA Convention attendees and vendors for the outpouring of support. It is great to see how our constant prayers and faith in Christ are working throughout the industry. We look forward to a great year ahead and celebrating ten years of Uncommon Sports Group in Oklahoma City in 2023.


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