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USG Community Impact: WBCA Convention 2024 Testimonial

Uncommon Sports Group seeks to develop Christ-centered future leaders of the college and pro sport industry. A large part of how USG develops future leaders of sport is by funding its members to attend conferences, conventions, and events that develop them spiritually and professionally.

USG attended the Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) Convention in Cleveland, OH earlier this month. The WBCA Convention allows current and aspiring women's basketball coaches to connect with peers, learn from the best, recognize coaches who excelled during the season, and grow as coaches.

Alexis Uffmann, a USG member and NCAA D1 women's basketball assistant coach, attended the WBCA Convention alongside USG. Below is a testimony from Alexis on her experience at the WBCA Convention:

"When I first heard about Uncommon Sports Group, I knew that it sounded like an amazing organization, but I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on my life in one year. The most recent blessing USG provided me with was funding my trip to the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Final Four in Cleveland, OH. Without USG, it simply would not have been possible for me to attend this professional development and networking opportunity due to all the expenses.

I’m thankful I was able to attend because while I was there, I was able to learn from tenured professionals while reconnecting with old friends in the business and meeting new ones. I was able to meet individuals from across the country who are involved spiritually on campuses nationwide. I had the privilege of meeting the Team Chaplain for the Atlanta Dream at a connections event, and her prayers over all student-athletes were so powerful. It is a prayer that I will continue to pray long after the convention has concluded. I also met an individual who just recently joined USG, but she lives in the city I am about to move to.

Because I was staying with Uncommon Sports Group, it also opened a lot of doors to share my positive experience with the organization and about my faith as a whole with individuals whom I had known for a long time but had not had faith-based conversations with before in the workplace. The weekend was truly a gift from The Lord, and I am incredibly thankful to USG and the people who work there. My spiritual life has grown significantly this past year, and I am able to speak boldly in my faith to individuals in the profession, thanks to the confidence and connections USG has blessed me with. 


Seeing how God used the WBCA Convention to challenge, encourage, and grow Alexis spiritually and professionally was so encouraging! We are grateful to Alexis for her testimony and commitment to serving Christ through the sport industry.

If you're interested in learning more about Uncommon Sports Group and how we can support you as a Christian in the sports industry, click here to contact us or click here to see how you can get involved in our community.


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