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USG Community Impact: Israel Impact Trip

USG member, Mallory Odell, posing in front of the city of Jersusalem.

Uncommon Sports Group provided eleven of its members with the opportunity to travel to Israel for a two-week-long Impact Trip. For the two weeks in the Holy Land, USG served a group of Messianic Jewish children at a day camp through sports, worship, Scripture memorization, and other activities, as well as doing sight-seeing to various locations, including the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and the Mount of Olives.

USG member and Assistant Women's Basketball Coach at Northern Kentucky University Mallory Odell shared a testimony of her experience in the Holy Land with Uncommon Sports Group and the impact the trip had on her:

"My time in Israel was nothing short of amazing. I tried not to have many expectations or preconceived notions going into the trip, but it absolutely exceeded anything I could have thought or imagined. We flew into Tel Aviv and spent a week at the Baptist Village serving as coaches (or any other role as needed!). This week was so powerful. It was absolutely incredible to see how present the Lord is in the lives of the children we got to spend time with and to see how eager they are to pursue a relationship with Him. They also had so much knowledge of scripture, which was super encouraging. We had the opportunity to do so many different activities with them and spent a lot of time together in prayer, worship, sharing meals, dancing, doing art projects, and of course, playing sports – oh, and eating snacks (snacks were probably their favorite part)!

It was special to see how athletics can be used to connect people across different locations, languages, age groups, and genders. This week also served as a reminder that sports can and should be very personal and have the power to impact people’s lives in an incredibly positive way if given the opportunity. This is a good mentality to carry with us as we return to our jobs and careers within the industry, which can sometimes feel disconnected, impersonal, or business-like. We are still working with, and for those same children we had the privilege to encounter – just in a different version or context. I pray we remain humble, compassionate, patient, and kind in our jobs as we approach these children. May we all operate with a spirit of gentleness and be reminded of the power and influence we hold through our position in the sports industry.

The next week spent touring and sightseeing was truly a life-changing experience. Getting to walk and see the very same locations that Jesus walked is absolutely awe-inspiring. It was also extremely intimate. I am so grateful for our tour guide, as he provided scripture and context to each location we visited and historical and political insights. He added so much value to our trip and made each stop come to life. This trip also opened my eyes to all the things that I do not yet know and served as an imperative reminder that there is always more to learn.

Upon returning to the States, I have been inspired and reminded to stay deeply within His word. There is so much to learn and know, and luckily for us it is written out very intentionally in the Bible. I am so excited to read scripture with the newfound context, understanding, and visuals I have gained from this trip. It has also created a unique avenue to share the gospel with others. I cannot thank USG enough for this opportunity and for making this trip possible.

Lastly, I got to share this incredible experience with such a special group of people that USG has brought together. It was such a joy to make new connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. We laughed together, ate together, spent A LOT of time together, asked questions, shared testimonies, prayed together, and served together. It was a treat to see such selflessness, servitude, and love for the Lord clearly on display."


It was encouraging to see the impact that the two-week trip had on this group of Christ-centered leaders within the college and pro sport industry. Learn more about USG's Impact Trip to Israel with the link here.

Are you interested in learning more about Uncommon Sports Group or getting involved? Click here to contact a staff member, or click here to apply for our USG Academy!


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