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Israel 2023 Impact Trip: Purpose & Vision

Uncommon Sports Group on the Sea of Galilee during the organizations 2019 trip to Israel.

Uncommon Sports Group (USG), formerly Managers on a Mission (MoaM), was founded as a service organization that focused on the benefit that comes from taking part in service trips. The founder of USG and MoaM, Drew Boe, desired to provide opportunities for Christians working in sports to grow in their faith. The organization provided many individuals the chance to attend international and domestic service trips.

Since then, Uncommon Sports Group, formerly MOAM, has sent hundreds of Christians in sports on international mission trips to seven different countries. This year, Uncommon Sports Group sent a group of thirteen, eleven members and two staff, to Israel for an Impact Trip opportunity. In this blog, we will discuss the purpose and vision for USG’s summer trip to Israel.


The purpose behind every trip that Uncommon Sports Group provides its members is to help these future leaders of the sport industry to engage with community, experience life in a new culture, step into opportunities to serve others and grow in their personal faith. While all of these things can happen without going abroad, there is something special about serving in a unique and difficult cultural environment. USG member Conrad Chow, who attended USG’s summer trip to Nairobi, Kenya, in 2022, said this about his purpose in joining the trip:

“I wanted to attend to broaden my spiritual horizons in a way where serving takes us outside of our comfort zone and challenges us to be bold about our purpose... Further, I was excited about gaining novel worldview perspectives as well as building community and engaging in teamwork.”

For this year’s international trip to Israel, we hope that the group will be impacted in this way and be able to return to their universities, teams, or organizations with a deeper understanding of their faith and an experience they can share with their co-workers.


Each international trip and location offers a unique opportunity for the attendees. Israel is unlike any other international trip for the obvious reason that it is the Holy Land. A large part of the vision is to provide attendees with the experience of seeing this region for themselves. USG partners with a local Bible tour organization that gives our group a detailed tour of the Holy Land for a portion of the trip.

As discussed previously, an important part of USG’s international trips is the act of service. USG is partnering with a local group in Israel. Our group will be leading and coaching a group of children through sports camps. USG also provided the camp with sports equipment, including cones, pinnies, and various sports balls. Lastly, USG’s vision is that over the course of the two weeks that the group is in Israel that the group would grow closer to one another through community, corporate prayer, and team Bible studies.


USG is excited to be able to provide these international experiences to its members. We look forward to sharing more about this year's trip to Israel and the impact that the Lord made on the attendees!


If you’re unfamiliar with Uncommon Sports Group, get connected through the form on our home page or check out the Uncommon Podcast. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


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