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USG Community Impact: Dallas Impact Weekend Testimonial

Braden Holcomb posing for a photo with his Academy coach and USG staff member, Mikey Carpenter.

On the weekend of February 14-16, Uncommon Sports Group hosted ten USG Academy participants in Dallas, TX, for an Impact Weekend! USG offers a fully-funded Impact Weekend for every individual who completes the eight-week virtual USG Academy. These weekends allow Academy graduates to put what they have learned in the virtual Academy into action, such as networking with present leaders of the college and pro sport industry, fellowshipping with other Christians in sports, and being challenged to grow in their walks with Christ. Read a full recap of our latest Impact Weekend to Dallas here.

One of our participants during the Impact Weekend, Braden Holcomb, is presently working as a Graduate Assistant for Athletic Facilities & Operations at the University of Alabama. Below is a testimony of his experience during the Impact Weekend:

"Over the past weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in a USG Impact Weekend in the city of Dallas, Texas. The weekend was a unique blend of learning, networking, and spiritual growth amongst Jesus-loving sports professionals from all over the United States.

From the time I landed in Dallas, the atmosphere was filled with excitement, and I couldn’t wait to see what God had in store. USG put together an awesome agenda featuring tours and speakers from UT Dallas, Dallas Baptist University, and the Dallas Cowboys. We also participated in small groups, a community service project, and networking sessions aimed at empowering attendees to make a positive impact in the sport industry while staying grounded in their faith.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the chance to hear from the Athletics staff at Dallas Baptist University. Ryon Phillips and Riley Unger shared personal testimonies and insights into DBU Athletics discipleship. Their stories were inspiring as they spoke about striving for the prize of Christ in our personal walks with Jesus, the importance of discipleship within a team and organization, and the role that faith has played in the DBU Athletic Department.

Beyond the professional development aspect, what truly made this weekend special was the sense of community and fellowship that was built between the members attending. Whether it was during meals, on-site tours, or casual networking, I had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who shared my passion for sports and my commitment to living out my faith in a meaningful way. The connections and friendships that were made gave me encouragement and support as I navigate my own journey.

As I reflect on my experience in Dallas, I am reminded of the importance of staying true to my values and convictions, even in the face of adversity. The lessons I learned, and the connections I made have equipped me with the tools and inspiration to pursue my career with courage and faith. Moving forward, I intend to apply these principles in both my personal and professional life, understanding that true success is not measured by accolades or achievements but by our impact on others through the love of Jesus."


Seeing how God used this Impact Weekend to challenge, encourage, and grow the participants in their faith and careers was so encouraging. We are grateful to Braden for his testimony and commitment to serving Christ through the sport industry.

If you're interested in learning more about Uncommon Sports Group and how we can come alongside you as a Christian in the sport industry, click here to contact us or click here to see how you can get involved in our community.


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