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Thankful Tuesday- NBA Summer League

USG's Director of Donor Relations, Josh Meyer, with Peter Warden of the Minnesota Timberwolves and his assistant, Jonathan Mesmacque

One of the things I love about Uncommon Sports Group is our desire to unite people that work in the sport industry. We recently had the opportunity to organize a community service event for the NBA equipment managers while they were in Las Vegas, Nevada for their annual Summer League games.

The role of an equipment manager is demanding and to want to take what little free time you have to help those in need is special. We had help in making this possible from Renee at 24-Hour Laundromat Twain located a couple of blocks away from the Las Vegas strip. Her facility was located in an area of need and where we were able to make an impact on the local community.

With the support and leadership of Peter Warden (Minnesota Timberwolves) and Brandon Mango (Washington Wizards), we were able to make an impact on the local community. In four hours we were able to help with approximately 100 loads of laundry and provide clothing donations as well as food and snacks for many local residents. We were able to fellowship with many families and provide them temporary relief from the financial strain of doing their family's laundry that day.

The goal of events like this is not to provide publicity or a story behind what we do at Uncommon Sports Group. In this case, uniting sports professionals was secondary. The opportunity to help so many in need was the center of our attention.

We are so grateful for so many equipment managers that support Uncommon Sports Group through the Clean Out For A Cause program. We are looking forward to more events and opportunities like this to give back to so many that have helped us.


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