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Staff Member, Seth Ralston, to Transition Out of Full-Time Role at Uncommon Sports Group

Seth Ralston with Cullen Ecoffy and Dan Young during Uganda Mission Trip

USG would like to announce that Seth Ralston will officially be transitioning to a new role outside of the organization in the coming weeks. Seth has been a mainstay of our ministry since first voluntarily leading a mission trip for the organization back in 2016 to Uganda. In January of 2018, Seth moved to Minnesota from Turkey where he was serving as a missionary.

In addition to serving as the organization’s first-ever full-time ministry staff member, Seth has been at the forefront of USG’s growth and development. Seth was a key leader in the development of USG’s rebrand from Managers On A Mission, the creation of our USG Academy and Impact Weekend events, the establishment of new international ministry partnerships, and several other discipleship initiatives.

Seth shared, “My experience at USG has been nothing short of a blessing. After joining the team back in late 2017, I could never have imagined being a part of more than 40 conferences and events, 10 mission trips around the world and ministering to hundreds of young Christian leaders throughout college and professional sports. The Ralston's will forever be indebted to the USG family and hope to continue building on the relationships and opportunities that this special ministry has brought us.”

USG Founder Drew Boe expressed his deep appreciation commenting, “I am incredibly thankful for all that Seth and Andrea have selflessly poured into USG. I could have never imagined when I first received a seemingly random message from Seth seven years ago that it would lead to such a great friendship and blessing of this organization. Seth has been instrumental in continuously identifying ways for USG to better support and engage with our members and individuals throughout college and professional sports. We are excited for Seth to remain part of USG by supporting the execution of our events, and for the Ralston's as they step into this next chapter.”


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