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Special Recap - Arise With The Guys

In the month of April, Locker Room Direct was honored to assist in sponsoring the annual Arise With The Guys event, held in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, each year. Locker Room Direct is a division of Uncommon Sports Group. We share the core values of our mission, which acknowledges the profound impact and reach of the sports industry and its platform. Both Uncommon Sports Group and Arise with the Guys seek to see the sports industry use its significant resources for the glory of God.

Arise With The Guys had approximately four thousand attendees, and featured an exceptional lineup of speakers, all of whom have achieved incredible success in the world of college and professional sports. These esteemed individuals shared their faith, stories, wisdom, and insights, capturing the audience's attention by demonstrating how God has moved in their lives.

Among the speakers at Arise With The Guys was Tony Dungy, a legendary NFL coach and current commentator for NFL on CBS. His remarkable career and his induction into the Hall of Fame made him a highly anticipated speaker.

In the past, Dungy was asked by Sports Commentator, Jim Nantz, “How’s it feel to be the first African-American Coach of a super-bowl winning team?” Dungy responded, “I’m proud to represent African-Americans, but I’m more proud to show that you can win at the highest level and do it the Lord’s way.” Dungy’s words resonated deeply with the audience as he shared his coaching philosophies, leadership principles, and the importance of “doing it the Lord’s way” in the face of challenges.

Following this, Coach Dungy asked Kevin Warren, the CEO and President of the Chicago Bears and the former Big Ten Conference Commissioner, a similar question: Is being recognized for his color important to him?

Warren responded, “If the Lord was with me from the time I wake up, to the time that I go to bed, that He would say ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’ … I don’t pay attention to the accolade or the color... I just want to live a life that’s pleasing to God,” said Warren. Warren offered valuable insights into the business side of professional sports and the importance of keeping God at the center of one’s life. His journey from his role as the COO of the Minnesota Vikings to his current leadership position with the Chicago Bears served as an inspiration to many aspiring professionals in the audience, especially through his faith in the Lord.

Matt Eberflus, the head coach of the Chicago Bears, also spoke at the event. As a respected figure in the Chicago sports community, Eberflus was thankful for the Lord’s work in his life and career. Although his first year as Chicago Bears’ head coach was difficult, it taught him what it means to have “modeling behavior.”

Warren states that “Jesus has a modeling behavior,” meaning “if you want respect, you model respect; if you want hard work, you model hard work … you model that behavior, and it will bounce right back.” This shows Eberflus’ integrity and dedication to living out what we preach.

Arise With The Guys was a remarkable event that profoundly impacted all who attended. Through the stories of faith and wisdom, the audience was inspired to embrace the values of determination, teamwork, personal growth, and resilience, all for God’s glory.

The speakers highlighted in this article are just a few who participated in the event. This event served as a reminder of the power of sports through faith and community. Further, it strengthened our commitment to supporting initiatives that empower and inspire others through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

We were grateful for the opportunity to sponsor Arise With The Guys this year and look forward to partnering again next year. To learn more about Arise With The Guys, click here.


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