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Special Edition Podcast: NXT Up Coaches Panel

During the 2024 NABC Convention in Phoenix, AZ, Uncommon Sports Group hosted a panel titled NXT Up Coaches: Equipping the Next Generations of Christ-Centered Leaders.

The panel was hosted by the Director of Media at Sports Spectrum, Jason Romano, and featured an experienced and Christ-centered group of panelists: Leonard Hamilton, Head Coach at Florida State University; Jayson Gee, Associate Head Coach at Coastal Carolina University; Chris Flegler, Director of Basketball Operations at St. Joseph’s University; and Chelsea Mangino, Chief of Staff at Liberty University.

In this podcast, you'll be able to listen to the panel discuss some important topics surrounding being a Christian working as a men's college basketball coach, including living on mission for Christ as a coach, having Godly conduct in your coaching style, and more!

A new episode of the Uncommon Podcast is released every two weeks. You can find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, right here on our website, or wherever you get your podcasts. Check out this week's episode, and be sure to subscribe to our podcast to get alerts when new episodes are released!

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