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Learn How USG Can Benefit Your Professional and Spiritual Journey

Recently, Uncommon Sports Group hosted a virtual event that gathered future leaders of the college and pro sport industry together to hear from present members within the USG community. This event aimed to communicate the value of the USG Academy experience and the opportunities that come with membership within the organization.

Throughout the event, various USG members in attendance shared their thoughts on how USG has helped them overcome the many challenges that come with a career in college and pro sports.

A common challenge amongst young professionals in the sport industry is making a career a personal identity. When this happens, it can be challenging for young professionals to find joy and fulfillment in their careers because they have placed so much weight on their success in the industry. During the event, USG member and Account Executive of Membership with Florida State Athletics, Paul Conner, shared how his experience with USG shifted his identity from his career to his relationship with Christ. Paul said, "I had lost my identity in the busyness of the sport industry, but USG has helped me prioritize what is truly important in my life."

Another common challenge young professionals face in the sport industry is developing authentic relationships. Often, relationships are built in an effort to expand one's career opportunities without much effort in developing a lasting relationship. USG member and Coordinator of Event Production, Alex Kaiser, shared the impact that USG had on his network: "USG has opened my eyes to building a network of support and a network of people that can have my back during a difficult season."

Lastly, a challenge mentioned during the event was the tension of sharing your faith openly within a public university or professional organization. For many young professionals, there can be fear surrounding being open about faith in the workplace. USG member and Director of Facilities & Events at the University of Kansas, Therese VanderPutten, said, "I thought the only way I could talk about faith was by being at a religious institution, but USG provided me with a gateway to talk about faith and sports."

It was evident throughout the event that Uncommon Sports Group's Academy, community, and membership opportunities have helped young professionals within the college and pro sport industry elevate their success both professionally and spiritually, as well as navigate common challenges within the sport industry.


If you are a young professional in the college or professional sport industry aspiring to be a Christ-centered leader, apply for our Academy and receive a development experience that will leave you feeling equipped and encouraged both spiritually and professionally!

If you simply want to get in touch with our staff, contact us here!


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