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Kaitlin Maxwell - Play to Your Strengths

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

What is Play to Your Strengths?

The CliftonStrengths Finder assessment is a respected business, spiritual and research based instrument to help individuals understand how to leverage their unique God-given strengths. When individuals use and know their strengths on a regular basis, they are more engaged and energized in their work, are more successful in their relationships and spiritual journeys, they benefit their personal professional development and are less likely to burn-out! We live in a remedial world in which we often focus on weaknesses. The premise of the CliftonStrengths Finder is that you will make your greatest contributions in life and feel most energized when you are working mostly in your areas of strength.

Kaitlin's Testimony:

Top 5 Strengths:

1. Achiever

2. Input

3. Deliberative

4. Learner

5. Arranger

I felt my strengths were very accurate in explaining what I can bring to an organization. As the Play to Your Strengths experience went on through the summer, I began to understand how each individual strength is more or less prominent depending on the situation. The multi-week process helped me see the accuracy of my top 5!

Knowing my strengths has helped me embrace my differences from others. I was at a discipleship project during the second half of my summer and spent all of my days building relationships with others as we grew in our faith. During that time, I was able to be secure in knowing that God created me differently than he created others. I started to become aware of how my strengths have helped me in athletics, school, and my walk with God in unique ways. Since returning to school, it has been super fun seeing how I can directly utilize my strengths as a follower of Christ, a teammate on the field, and a student in the classroom.

Through this process, God has taught me most of all how I can use my strengths to be faithful to him. As I’ve grown over the last six months, these are some of the things I’ve learned about my strengths. In my pursuit of Jesus, I can use my strengths of input and learner to be constantly growing in knowledge of who God is and how to walk with him. My achiever strength keeps me disciplined in taking up my cross daily as well as being driven to share my faith. The strength of deliberative has aided me in seeking God consistently and prayerfully and allowing my actions and decisions to patiently follow his guidance. My strength of arranger has been helpful in the busyness of being back on campus, as well as the wrench that COVID-19 can throw in plans. I’m thankful that the Lord created me on purpose and in his image and that I get to use my strengths to ultimately glorify him.


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