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Importance of a Mission Trip

Many Christians can relate to being brought up as Christian but have never truly dived into what it means to believe. I was that way with my faith for the longest time; I was taught to attend church on a Sunday, read scripture, and believe in the resurrection of Christ. However, if it weren’t for missionaries going overseas in the 1800s, my family wouldn’t have been one of many to know Christ.

We, as Christians, are called to “go and make disciples.” Mission trips, especially those overseas, are a great way to connect with God through various cultures. But what is a mission trip? And why is it important?

What is a Mission Trip?

There are two types of mission trips: faith-based and non-faith-based mission trips. At the heart of a mission trip is the giving of one's time to provide voluntary services or support. The goal is to uplift and provide for the needs of those being served. A Christian mission trip does the same thing but involves spiritual outreach, sharing the gospel to introduce those they’ve served to Jesus.

Why is it important?

It is essential as a Christian to consider going on a mission trip because it provides you with new perspectives, cross-cultural experiences, and valuable lessons and skills. Most importantly, it allows you to connect with God on a deeper level.

Gaining new perspectives

Doing service work teaches one to be humble, putting others before oneself, and allows one to gain new perspectives on life’s purpose. It teaches one to be patient with others, especially when there’s a cultural difference. Therefore leading you to gain cross-cultural experiences.

Cross-Cultural Experiences

There are many things one needs to be aware of when going overseas on a mission trip. Understanding the cultural differences of your destination location is key. This new experience will help you grow, teaching you to reflect on life differently. These new experiences help one reflect on oneself and, most importantly, reflect more precisely on how God works in your life.

Learn Valuable Lessons and Skills

Missions trips will also teach you the importance of being aware of those around you, especially those of different cultural backgrounds. It’ll give you the skill to connect with others on a deeper level, knowing that one’s environment, culture, and experience are different than yours. All these new perspectives, cross-cultural experiences, and lessons will ultimately lead you to connect with God.

Connecting with God

We, as Christians, are called to serve and help those around us. Mission trips allow you to fulfill that calling. The new experiences will allow you to share the gospel and your love for God with others. It’ll also teach you that there’s more than one way to connect with God. When you are serving others, you are showing what it means to be like Christ, allowing God to shine through you.

Conclusion: Embracing the Transformational Power of Mission Trips

In a world full of diverse cultures and unique perspectives, mission trips are a great way to receive profound personal growth and spiritual enrichment. These journeys of service and faith offer a chance to embody the biblical directive to "go and make disciples," connecting deeply with God while touching the lives of others. By exploring new boundaries, embracing cross-cultural experiences, and gaining valuable life lessons and skills, mission trips can be crucial for spiritual growth.

If you are considering going on a mission trip, here are some bible references to reflect on: Matthew 5:14-16; Matthew 20:26-28; Matthew 28: 19-20; John 13:12-14; Galatians 5:13-14; and Acts 20:24.


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