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How to Find a Local Church

An essential factor in building your faith is finding a church that makes sense for you. If you’re wondering how to find a church, you’re not alone! Especially in our new, post-pandemic life, it's difficult to know where to begin. And, even with the proper tools - it’s exhausting! Still, finding the right church for you is critical to growing and sustaining your faith. We have put together a series of tips and questions to help you work through the process of how to find a church.

How to find a Church that fits you: Finding a Church starts with Research

Do your research when finding a church, so you leave no stone unturned. Make it easy on yourself and start close to home, where you feel comfortable. This could be in your neighborhood or asking those around you - family, friends, neighbors, and the like. Before visiting, read up on the church via their website to better understand the beliefs, programming, services, offerings, outreach, etc., and make a list of what you want and need. Then, ask questions of the church, its leaders, and yourself. Here are some examples.

When finding a Church, ask the Church body:

1. What types of worship are available? It might be that you love contemporary worship. It might be that you prefer traditional services. You may prefer that a church serve communion every Sunday, as opposed to once a month.

2. What size of the congregation is it? Some people thrive in large congregations with endless people to meet, opportunities to partake in, or even some level of anonymity as you get your feet wet. Others need a smaller environment where they can make meaningful connections. Whatever is right for you, assess this before committing to a church body.

3. What are ways to get involved here? Ask how you can get involved, not only from a church leader but from congregation members. Hearing from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ about how they serve their church will enlighten you to ways you can do the same. This may include small groups, Bible study, packing meals, or a prayer group.

When finding a Church, ask a Church leader(s):

  1. How did you come to know the Lord?

  2. Is there a young adult/professional group here?

  3. What are the main values and beliefs of this church?

  4. I’ve been struggling with ___ - what is your advice?

  5. I’ve always been curious about ___ - what are your thoughts?

Understanding who your leaders are as individuals and followers of Christ will give you a clear picture of whether that church is right for you.

When finding a Church, ask yourself:

1. What is the Holy Spirit telling me?

Discernment and prayer are the cornerstones of any decision, including finding a church. Pray about it. Wrestle with God about it. And listen to where the Spirit is leading you. You may even find it interesting to read What the Bible says about finding a church.

2. What are my beliefs?

What are the core tenants of your faith? What are make or break aspects of your faith and church life that you can’t settle on? Determining these will help lead you to the church that best suits your needs.

3. What do other Christians think?

While finding a church is a personal decision, seek out the opinions of trusted Christians in your life. This may lead to insights you wouldn’t have considered.

4. Are the sermons based on Scripture?

As you attend various sermons, reflect on whether or how often Scripture is used. It’s essential to learn from leaders who lead their flock not solely on their life experience but on the Word of God.

Remember, as you’re finding a Church that fits you, there is no such thing as Perfect

Just as you are flawed and need grace, so will your church’s members and leaders. No church will be devoid of questions or concerns, so if you’re looking for picture-perfect, you won’t find it! Seek a church with solid biblical teaching, worship that points to Christ, and opportunities to get involved.

Practice Patience over Procrastination

Finding a church can take time and is an important decision when entering a new season of life. Don’t procrastinate, but do exhibit patience in researching and trying out churches. Take risks, get uncomfortable, and see where the Lord is leading you.

Remember the Power of Prayer and Discernment

Ultimately, we must seek the Spirit's leading through prayer. As you pray, the Lord will give you the wisdom to know where He wants you to fellowship. Keep prayer at the center of your search!

Figuring out how to find a church that fits you takes time, dedication, and patience. Asking questions, remaining committed, and prayerful discernment will help you find a church to call home.

Uncommon Sports Group provides faith-based training and resources to future leaders of the sport industry. We believe you shouldn't have to compromise your values to be successful. If you have questions about our Ministry or need direction in finding a church, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!


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