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How should we study the Bible?

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

How should we study the bible?

The Bible can be intimidating. Not only is it full of weighty content that’s sometimes hard to understand, but many people wonder “Where do I start?” when reading the Bible for the first time. Even individuals who’ve been Christians for years struggle with this question.

Personally, it took quite some time to be comfortable with coming to terms that there is no one right way to read the Bible. There is so much freedom when it comes to how to approach Bible reading. I’ve been a Christian ever since I can remember but it wasn’t until my junior year of college that it all clicked. My college ministry pastor challenged the group to read the Bible for 10 minutes each day. To start at the beginning of Matthew and read through the whole New Testament in one semester.

He summed it up really well, “Word after word. Literally, you just start. You read the first word and then you keep going… The way you read the Bible is you start and just keep going.” This is how I want to encourage you today. Pick up your Bible, open it up, and start reading! Whether this is in Genesis (the Beginning) or Matthew (the first book in the New Testament), the important part is to start reading!

Below are some different ways to dig deeper into your Bible reading experience that you can apply to any text you read. These frameworks utilize acronym’s to guide you through your time in the scripture. Having a notebook or journal dedicated to your Bible reading is also very helpful!

The Daily R.O.A.D.

The Daily ROAD model is a great way tool to use if you have an accountability partner or a group of people you are reading the Bible with. It helps provide you with action steps to take what you are learning through your Bible reading and apply it to your daily life!


  1. Simply pick up God’s word and read it


  1. By engaging in observation, you will build your biblical knowledge and give a foundation for the Spirit to use the text in your life


  1. The goal of the application step is to take the knowledge you learned about God in the first two steps and use it as fuel for you to follow Him with your life


  1. Spend time with God and others discussing what He has shown you. It is in this step that you can build intimacy with God and community with others

The SPECK Model

The SPECK model helps us understand more deeply the application of certain passages of scripture. The questions asked within this model are made to help expand our thinking and understanding of who God created us to be along with increasing our understanding of who He is!

Sin to Avoid

  1. What does the passage say about sin? Is there something I should confess or avoid?

Promise to Claim

  1. What promises or blessings does God communicate to me?

Example to Follow

  1. What actions or characteristics does the passage tell me to replicate?

Command to Obey

  1. What instruction or teaching does God give me to apply to my personal life?

Knowledge about God

  1. What understanding or wisdom did I learn about God?

I hope these approaches are helpful for you. Remember, that no specific approach or methodology is as important as your relationship with the Savior. Spending time in the Word is how we learn more about our Heavenly Father and his plans for us.

If you'd like to chat with one of our team members about Bible study, or if you'd like to learn more about Uncommon Sports Group and our ministries, please contact us today.

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