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Enthusiastic Reviews: CWS Conference Testimonials

This past weekend, Uncommon Sports Group hosted the first-ever Christians Working in Sports (CWS) Conference in Minneapolis, MN. Over the course of the weekend, attendees were challenged by powerful speakers, breakout sessions, and fellowship. You can read more about the conference with the link here. Check out the testimonies from the conference to see how the Lord impacted the attendees!

“Women’s basketball is a really dark space, but I have a heart and deep desire to come to know Jesus through it, so I was really encouraged this weekend by the fact that the job isn’t done. God isn’t done moving in the sport industry and part of my story is choosing to leave college basketball thinking that I would never be back, but he’s allowed me to be back in that space. I’ve been really encouraged by Jonathan [Isaac] and coach [Tom] Crean sharing that it’s time to speak up. If you are in this space, we need to speak up and live out the truth because that’s real love. So, I’m really encouraged and on fire to go back to my workplace and work as a team chaplain to show people true love through Jesus.”- Ashton Hopp, Ole Miss Women’s Basketball

“To whom much is given, much is required. We’ve gotten so much in the past day and a half. How could we not go back and do what was shared earlier, yes we wear the gear of our school and we’re the Troy Trojans, but really I’m a minister inside. So, I just appreciate everything from the weekend, I will not go back the same.”- Chanda Rigby, Troy University Women’s Basketball

“It’s definitely encouraging for me that we are all unique and have our own awesome abilities to really impact where we are planted. Being here together and seeing the impact of what people can do just starting small encourages you to go out and do the same. As a body of believers, we have to continue to check-in and encourage people to do those little things and be bold in the small ways. We’ve got to continually build up each other because we can get so isolated.”- Will Bale, Production Assistant with Virginia Tech Athletics

It was encouraging to see the way that the Lord used the speakers, conversations, community, and fellowship to impact the attendees at the first-ever CWS Conference. We are already looking forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to impact those who attended as they head back to their respective teams and organizations across the sport industry.


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