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Atlanta Impact Weekend 2023- Colby Pepper, USG Member

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Colby Pepper and Michael Balistreri in Atlanta.

USG is able to provide all of its Academy participants with a fully-funded Impact Weekend trip. These weekends are aimed at being an opportunity for the participants to put into action everything they have been learning throughout the USG Academy, as well as providing opportunities to grow both in Christ and professionally.

This month, USG was able to fund seventeen Academy participants to travel to Atlanta, GA, for an Impact Weekend experience. Colby Pepper was one of the participants on the trip. Colby went through Team 33 of the USG Academy and is presently working at the Pro Football Hall Village of Fame as a Partnership Activation Manager. Below is Colby's testimonial from the Atlanta Impact Weekend:

"My favorite highlight from the USG Impact Weekend was the local outreach that we did in downtown Atlanta. On Saturday evening we split into small groups and delivered care package bags to homeless people in the city in an effort to start a conversation about the gospel. I was very skeptical at first not having participated in this type of outreach before and unsure of who the Lord would lead us to meet. My small group and I ended up meeting a few men and had some really fruitful conversations about their backgrounds and faith. I got to pray with a young man we met named Devonta after learning a bit about his background and the challenges going on in his life. It was incredible to see how starting the conversation with a common love for football opened the door to a discussion about faith.

Throughout the weekend I was greatly encouraged to share my faith with more boldness. Through spending time with other academy participants and participating in events like the outreach session as a group I was filled with encouragement. Oftentimes I get discouraged in the workplace believing the lie that I am pursuing Christ by myself, however it was super uplifting to spend a weekend with other believers passionate about serving Christ. The weekend inspired me to continue to share the gospel in every aspect of my life, but especially through my work in the sport industry and to do it with confidence, trusting that the Lord will continue to work through my interactions with others."

Uncommon Sports Group provides faith-based training and resources to future leaders of the sport industry. We believe you shouldn't have to compromise your values to be successful. If you want an experience like Colby's, apply to join our community of Christ-centered future leaders of the sport industry here.

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