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Passion Conference 2023- Thomas Biddle, USG Member

Photo from Passion Conference 2023 at State Farm Arena.

Each year, Uncommon Sports Group is able to fund a trip to Passion Conference in Atlanta, GA for a group of our members. This year, we sent seven USG members to Passion 2023 at State Farm Arena. The goal of sending a group to Passion each year is to provide an opportunity for our members to step away from the busyness of an athletics schedule to rest in the Lord in worship, exhortation, and prayer.

Thomas Biddle, a USG member and student at Huntington University in Huntington, Indiana, was able to join us at Passion earlier this month. Below is a testimonial of Thomas' experience at Passion Conference 2023 with USG!

"Throughout my short trip to Atlanta or Passion 2023 with USG, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet lots of new people, worship the lord with thousands of other Christian leaders, and was lucky enough to receive a tour of the Overtime Elite facilities in downtown Atlanta. It’s always a pleasure getting together with USG because, so far, every trip, I have been able to meet a lot of people within the organization and develop a relationship with them in some way. With this event specifically, I was able to meet other Christian leaders eager to worship the Lord and grow in their spiritual walk with Christ. It’s always motivating to me to see others come together the way we all did at Passion and put our faith ahead of the journey we are on in the sports industry. I always say this and continue to live by the fact USG helps guide individuals like myself down a path to keep faith at the forefront of our journey in an industry in which it is so easy to lose sight of the true mission we are on. Not only was I inspired by meeting other great individuals in USG, but to be in an area and look around in see thousands of others worshiping with us was beyond amazing. Seeing the impact Christ has had on this many people and rounding them up into one place left me speechless. On top of the spiritual development we were able to do on this trip, we were also able to have some professional development as well as we were fortunate enough to connect with a fellow USG member at Overtime Elite and tour the facility, learn about the company, and their mission. We even happened to be there during one of the practices where we go to see a couple of the teams practice, which included some projected NBA draft picks. Being able to pick the brain of the USG member that works for Overtime Elite was an awesome experience in itself as I was able to ask about how he got set up into the position he was in as well as ask advice on how to be successful in the sports industry. Overall going to Atlanta with my brothers in Christ was an amazing experience, and I love to continuously grow in my faith with USG and also grow in my journey for my career as well. Being able to implement those two things is something I’ll always be grateful for and something I never could’ve imagined being so easy until I was able to join USG. I look forward to being able to go on more trips like this one, to network, and grow closer to the lord."

Uncommon Sports Group is committed to coming alongside young professionals in the sport industry, like Thomas, who desire to grow in their relationship with Christ. We are amazed at the many ways God worked in the hearts and minds of our group at Passion Conference 2023!

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