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USG Testimonial #1- Samantha Williams, Member

Photo of Samantha Williams

From the moment I first made a connection with USG, then Managers on a Mission at the time, I knew this was something special. The initial call I had with Seth was so rich, he was not only interested to learn more about me personally and professionally, but specifically about my spiritual journey and growth.

He connected me with Mikey, who he thought would be able to better understand more closely my career aspirations as well as my background being an international student. I must admit I'm thankful for that. Mikey has been such a big help for me as a friend and brother in Christ. He has called, texted, emailed to check in, catch up, and just see how he could help, even if it was to just pray. For that, I am more than grateful. His genuineness is evident in all that he does in speech and deed.

He goes above and beyond to make sure that I am good whenever we speak and almost always has a new resource or connection for me to tap into each time we talk. His commitment to being a servant of the kingdom shines through his personality and it often challenges me to be a better Christian. I remember specifically during my USG experience in Minnesota when we did our outreach mission. The passion in his prayers and his willingness to sacrifice and make time to "seek and save" was so profound.


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