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USG Members Retreat- Member Testimonial #2

USG Members listen to Bryan Engle speak at the USG Members Retreat

My experience at the USG Retreat in Nashville was incredible. Being surrounded by believers and finally being able to fellowship in person with other members was an unforgettable experience.

Every speaker was phenomenal and really highlighted what it meant to be called, committed, and connected. From the very first session, I was inspired by Lee De Leon’s story and the message about how God equips those whom He calls according to His purpose; and the importance of living a life based on the idea that “First is Third”. God first, others second, and self third.

On the second day, Jason Romano’s story of connection, and “Blooming where you are planted” also struck me, especially during this period of transition that I am in following graduation from college last year. Being reminded that God places us here for a purpose, and the importance of connecting with others for the sake of connection without the motive of getting something from them was a great reminder to value others and their unique stories.

Carol Voronyak and Johnny Shelton really emphasized what it meant to be committed to God and what He calls us to do. Specifically, the message of obedience and understanding and committing to being fully present where God calls us, even when we fall short or don’t understand, truly resonated with me.

The USG retreat was life-changing in so many ways, and the chance to meet fellow believers and current and future leaders in the sports industry was an amazing opportunity. I’m so happy I had the chance to attend and I can’t wait until next year’s retreat!


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