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USG at the AIA Captains Academy

Uncommon Sports Group provided its member Nick Fairley with the opportunity to serve at this year's Athletes in Action (AIA) Captains Academy. The Captains Academy provides college basketball athletes with an immersive leadership experience through past college hoops players who have led locker rooms, dealt with coach's expectations, and dealt with social media pressures and fan noise on what it takes to be an effective team leader.

Nick went through the USG Academy experience and attended an Impact Weekend in New York City, NY, in April 2022. This past year, Nick attended the Captain's Academy as an assistant and was involved in the same role this year. Below is a short testimonial from Nick about his experience at the Academy.

"This past week, Uncommon Sports group blessed me with the opportunity to attend the Athletes in Action’s Captain’s Academy in a leadership role. The Captain’s Academy attracts basketball athletes from Division 1 schools nationwide. Leadership, life, and Christian principles are taught by coaches from both Athletes in Action and the NBA. I had the privilege to lead a small group where we discussed life’s struggles, challenges, and blessings! I will take all the skills, knowledge, and experience to heart as I progress in my coaching journey. Thanks to USG for giving me this amazing opportunity!"- Nick Fairley, USG member

It was encouraging to see how God used Nick and the leaders at the Captain's Academy to impact some of the nation's most talented athletes for the glory of God!


If you're interested in learning more about Uncommon Sports Group and how we can come alongside you as a Christian in the sport industry, click here to get in contact with us, or click here to apply to join our USG Academy!


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