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Uganda Trip Recap - Raegan Moore

In Romans 12:2 Paul writes, “Do not conform yourself to the standards of this

world but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of mind.”

Inwardly. Something that happens from the inside out. Something that the human

eye may not be able to see. Something that has to occur through seeing life

through God’s view. From the moment I stepped foot in Uganda God opened my

eyes, more importantly opened my heart, to the beauty that is found within Him.

Each day my faith was transformed, I was transformed, which was not by my own

accord but as a gift from Him.

Identity. Strength. Purpose. Discipline. Focus. Intensity. Excellence. Selflessness.

Boldness. Perseverance. Accountability. Patience. Twelve days in Uganda. Twelve

lessons learned. Each morning I would read through a different set of devotionals

and throughout that day God would bring them to life right before my eyes. While

they all had a significant impact on me there were a few that I will carry with me

for the rest of my life: identity, boldness, and purpose.

My path leading up to this trip wasn’t necessarily a conventional one. There were

a lot of ups and downs, back and forth, and overall feelings of uncertainty. Where

I was confident in my identity as a woman of color and being an athlete, I

struggled to add Christian to that mix. I felt like I didn’t measure up to other

Christians and fell short in more ways than one. There were a lot of boxes I still

had to check off before I could call myself a Christian. I was on again off again

with my relationship with God which didn’t quite qualify me to spread His word

with anyone let alone the people of Uganda. Everyone around me could spout off

verses off the top of their head that fit perfectly with the current situation and I

could barely remember what books were in the Gospel. Because of this I had

planned to take the backseat to everyone else throughout this trip and let them

take the lead. I thought it would be easy to hang out in the shadows because

everyone else had so much more to offer than me. I’ve always been a

perfectionist. In every aspect of my life everything had to be perfect. Or at least

appear to be. If it wasn’t perfect it wasn’t for me. Praying. Journaling. Preaching.

Evangelizing. Not for me. I could never put the perfect words into a prayer or

write the perfect quote when journaling. I could never create the perfect message

to preach or tell the perfect testimony when evangelizing. Yet God doesn’t expect

us to be perfect. It is through our imperfections, our weaknesses, that God best

uses us. When I began to admit my weaknesses and be content with them I

allowed God to use me for his purpose. I found my voice in Uganda. And that is

the greatest gift that He could ever give me. There is no greater feeling than being

able to use my own experiences, the good and the bad, to spread the abundance

of God’s love. For me, many of these experiences occurred through sports. And

my time in Uganda made me realize that many of the lessons we learn through

sports go hand in hand with the messages we see throughout the bible. Imagine

my surprise when I realized I could use sport, a “perfect” area in my life, to share

the word of God. Identity. Boldness, Purpose.

Uganda, you have opened my eyes and changed my life for the better. Initially I

thought God was leading me there because you needed me but, in the end, it was

I who needed you. You taught me to find the joy in every moment. You showed

me how to truly appreciate the little things life. You reminded me to take a step

back to admire God’s beauty that is all around us. You taught me patience. You

taught me simplicity. You taught me hope. You taught me love. Uganda, from the

people to the places, every part of you I will always carry with me in my heart.


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