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Spring 2022 Scholarship Press Release

Minneapolis, Minnesota February 1st, 2022—Uncommon Sports Group (USG) is excited to launch our spring USG Reflection Scholarship! USG and Helmet Tracker, have agreed to sponsor $20,000 in scholarship funding that is being made available to future leaders in the sports industry. These future leaders in the sports industry will watch a video and then reflect in an essay on the topic of “serving” that highlights former NFL Wide Receiver, Anquan Boldin.

After a review by the USG Reflection Scholarship Committee that is made up of USG staff and several present leaders in the sports industry, the $20,000 in scholarship funding will be split up and awarded to 13 individuals. 10 Honorable Mentions will receive $1,000, 3rd Place will receive $2,000, 2nd Place will receive $3,000, and our 1st Place winner will receive $5,000! This funding may be used by award recipients in professional or spiritual development contexts.

Uncommon Sports Group is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded by former athletics equipment manager, Drew Boe. USG collects and monetizes apparel donations to support the professional and spiritual development of sports industry professionals. The USG Reflection Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for USG to give back to its supporters as presently, USG is developing and investing-in 200+ leaders in the sports industry.

Click Here for scholarship application information.


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