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Passion Conference Reflections

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

“Being able to attend Passion exceeded all expectations I had for the event. I’ve never felt so connected and empowered spiritually among so many brothers and sisters in Christ and in MOAM”.

Joseph Kuykendall - Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame & Minutemen Club - Intern

“My experience at Passion 2019 was one that will impact my life far beyond the 3 days I spent at the conference. Passion challenged me to fully commit my life to Jesus Christ and never look back. I’m so grateful to MOAM for the opportunity to attend this incredible conference.”

Mason Peeler, North Carolina State University Wolfpack - Football Student Manager 

“Passion was incredible for many reasons, but the ability to be in a large arena and worship God with 13,000 brothers and sisters in Christ is an experience I will never forget. I enjoyed hearing from the many speakers giving me new perspectives on how God works in our lives.”

Kyle Ensor - IMG Ticket Solutions Intern/Webb School of Knoxville - Baseball Coach 

“When I hear the word Passion, the first thing that comes to my mind is an out-of-body, spiritual movement like no other. The speakers, singers/bands and the environment (surrounded by thousands of fellow believers) moved souls the three days it was held. Seeing individuals giving their lives to Jesus through speakers, songs or just in general was a life changing experience.”

Brianne Adcock - University of Akron  Zips - Women’s Basketball, Women’s Tennis, Volleyball Administrative Assistant

“My time at Passion Conference was filling, profound, growing, and it set me on fire for the new year set before me. Through each message spoke and song sung, God revealed to me so much of who He is and I truly believe that through witnessing these new revelations of God's character and His plan for my life, the year ahead of me will be shaped and molded, as well as myself in a new desire to pursue Him in a deeper way that was sparked whilst at Passion.”

Maggie Bullard - Grand Canyon University Men’s Basketball Student-Manager


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