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If you're in the Sport Industry, You Need to Get Involved with These Organizations!

The USG community in action

It is impossible to be successful in the sport industry without proper guidance along the way. Thankfully, a plethora of organizations have stepped in to provide ample opportunities for young professionals in the sport industry to grow in their knowledge and relationships within the industry. In the blog, we will provide you with a list of some of the best organizations to get involved with to help you grow in your sport industry career!

Organization #1- Work In Sports

It can be difficult to find an open job opportunity in sports that suits your skill sets and goals. Work In Sports ( is an industry-focused career site that seeks to help young professionals in sports get hired faster. The website features nearly 9,000 job opportunities across the sport industry. The Work In Sports staff offers a complete job search toolbox including advice from industry experts on interviewing, networking, resume writing, and more! The site also provides a resume search feature, in which hiring managers can search resumes that have specific information that they are looking for! Getting involved with Work In Sports is easy, just go to their website and register as a job seeker!

For our ladies within the USG network, getting involved with WISE is an absolute no-brainer! WISE is the leading voice and resource for women within the world of sports. WISE seeks to assist women who are navigating a career in the sport industry, help women in sports understand their value, build connections across the industry, and champion the hiring and advancement of women in sports. You can get involved with WISE by becoming a member. The cost for student membership is $40 and for a professional, it is $100. The benefits of membership include networking opportunities with established women within the sport industry, access to exclusive events discussing industry and career-related topics, discounted rates to WISE events, access to the online WISE community, access to the WISE job board, and more! Learn more about getting involved with WISE here!

If you are seeking guidance in your career, there are few organizations as beneficial as Steinberg Sports & Entertainment. SSE has over 80 years of experience guiding athletes, broadcasters, and coaches through their careers. SSE has a commitment to paying it forward through producing world-class events that help teach the next generation of sport industry professionals. One of SSE’s ways of teaching young people about the industry is through the Leigh Steinberg Sports Business Certificate! They coin the program as “the most cutting edge education program on the business of sports to ever be produced.” You are able to enroll right on SSE’s website and it is all online! SSE consistently offers workshops on their website, as well, so be sure to check to see what they are offering next!

Organization #4- Rising Coaches

Calling all aspiring basketball coaches in the USG network, this organization is for you! Rising Coaches is a membership-based community for coaches that connects, develops, and facilitates career advancement for its members. They seek to accomplish this by hosting clinics, conferences, and events as well as providing a digital platform for connecting, educating, and sharing ideas. The best way to get involved with Rising Coaches is through membership! The benefits of a Rising Coaches membership includes a community of over 900 coaches across the country, access to message boards within the community, opportunities to network with established coaches in the industry, peer-to-peer networking opportunities, weekly film session webinars, interview workshops, and small group workshops that help develop you as a coach! The Rising Coaches conference is another great way to get involved with the organization. This upcoming summer the conference will be on July 19-20 with the location pending. Learn more about Rising Coaches and how to get involved here!

Organization #5- Speakeasy For Sports

Are you looking for an easier way to connect with other professionals in sports? Speakeasy For Sports is an exclusive networking platform for sport professionals to connect and share opportunities for collaboration, knowledge, and resources that are unique to the industry. Speakeasy For Sports has a rigorous vetting process for its members to ensure that the network they provide is filled with active and influential sport professionals, like you! The benefits of becoming a member of the Speakeasy network includes instant access to a plethora of sport professionals that can help you build authentic relationships within the industry and grow your knowledge base of the industry as a whole, as well as access to mentorship from top professionals in the industry to help you learn critical skills for success in the industry. Membership with Speakeasy also allows you to have an advantage in the job search process, as the intimate network of sport professionals counters the traditional challenges of “gatekeeping” job opportunities and the lack of organization within the job market. The Speakeasy For Sports platform is invite-only, but you can request an invite on their website!

Learning More!

If you are interested in learning more about one of the organizations listed above or about our community of Christian future leaders in the college and professional sports industry, contact one of our staff members! Our hope and prayer is that you continue to grow in your career, so that you may use your platform in the industry to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!


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