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About Uncommon Sports Group®

Uncommon Sports Group® exists to develop
Christ-centered leaders of the sport industry.

Our Story


     Created by former student managers, our organization began as a class project following our founder, Drew Boe’s first-ever mission trip to Rwanda in 2012.

     Throughout his time as a graduate student at Virginia Tech, Drew began discussing and developing the framework with his graduate professors and mentors in the sport industry.       Drew’s three weeks in Rwanda allowed him to experience the transformational power of a mission trip firsthand, leading to the creation of the "Development thru Service" motto which we are founded on today.

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     Since our inception in 2013, our ministry has invested over $500,000 into the development of student managers and other future leaders of the sport industry. 

     This funding has come from more than 200,000 pounds of sports apparel and equipment donated through our Clean Out For A Cause® program. 

     From this funding, we've seen over 150 students participate in our international missions trips or domestic impact weekends. We have also been able to award more than 75 students scholarships through our "Read and Reflect" scholarship program.

     During the fall of 2020, we officially transitioned to our new brand: Uncommon Sports Group®.

     We made this change because we believe that our organization has been called to serve the entire sports industry, not just managers. Additionally, we have been called to develop Christ-centered leaders through a variety of challenges and opportunities, rather than missions trips exclusively.

     If you have more questions, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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Why we do what we do:

We know that you want to be a successful

leader in the sport industry. 

We understand the unique challenges, temptations,

and pressures that you'll face along the way.


We believe that you shouldn't have to compromise your values to obtain success throughout your career. 

We are committed to walking alongside you and hundreds of other future sport leaders by providing faith-based training, resources, and relationships.

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