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Ghana 2017

Read about Emily Oldham's experience in Ghana and how it impacted her life!

1 Samuel 12:16 "Now therefore stand still and see this great thing that the Lord will do before your eyes"

First of all I would do anything to be back in Ghana with those kids and growing closer to God every second of the day. I'm definitely happy I walked into this trip with no expectations. There is no possible way I could have expected the things I have seen, experienced, and felt. I now see and live life much differently and I can say that I have never thought this trip would change me the way that it has. My experience in Ghana has and forever will change my life, in so many wonderful ways. I also can say that I have experienced a much greater culture shock from landing back in the States, than what I experienced when I landed in Accra. We have it so well here, even if some believe they do not. I can't help but feel now as if I need to do everything I possible can to show all my respect, love, gratefulness, and just show positive energy everywhere I go.

Thankfully this trip has brought me out of my comfort zone. I could not be more thankful for that. I have grown in so many ways. I honestly never thought I could have the power and confidence to feel the way that I do now. All glory goes to God for not only letting me experience something as wonderful as this, but all the other MOAM missionaries too. Just simply leading for three days has proven to me that I can do all things if I set my mind to it and have Him by my side. I have never felt so much in such a short amount of time. I can promise you that I will never forget the moments, memories, and about every second of this trip.

I'm really blown away by how these young kids know the Bible inside and out. It's really inspiring. They transform their whole life around Him. I've been home for a week now and I still cannot put into words the feeling of having the opportunity to attend their nightly devotions in the cottages. I wish this were something every single person could experience. It is so amazing what God can do. With every cottage I attended, the second they started to sing the Hymns I instantly got goose bumps. Every single time. It was so beautiful, their harmony, their contagious smiles shining while singing, and just the love they show each other during that time was so admiring. Those nights will never leave my heart. I wish I could attend just one more.

The excitement, joy, and eagerness they had to learn new things was so fun to watch. Especially baseball, the kids were so scared of the ball at first, but by the end of the day they were all making bets on who could hit a homerun first. They also loved to play dodge ball, which was very interesting to see them work together as a team and strategize every ball being thrown so they could get someone out every time. Though thet learned new things, even with the sports they already knew how to play, they showed their willingness and excitement to do their best thoughout the time. And when I say excitement, it was something I have never experienced here in the States. They are so appreciative. These kids really showed us a whole different level of excitement.

The ones in Ghana impacted my life more than what I could ever ask for. I have learned what really matters in life. Though they have nothing, they showed and gave us everything. They showed so much simplicity and didn't rush anything; I'm bringing and keeping this home with me. I'm forever going to be thankful and will realize that I can accomplish anything if I trust in Him. God is so good.

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