USG Impact Box

Pay it forward through serving those in need

We are unable to complete requests right now.

Due to COVID-19 state restrictions, we are currently understaffed. We will not be able to fulfill Impact Box requests until mid-February. We appreciate your willingness to serve and thank you for being patient with us during this challenging time!

Next steps on how to sign up:



Fill out the form and we will send you your box of materials to jump start your project!

Once you receive your box, follow the instructions for packing the bags and give them to those in your community you feel need them most!

The Box of Materials

scripture card.png
wow butter.png
wheat crackers.png
socks 1.png

Wheat Crackers

Apple Sauce

"Wow" Butter

Scripture Card

You will write a note of encouragement on the back of these


You will seal the bags

with these

Clean Out For A Cause® Item

Socks, Hat, or Wristband