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Creating Impact: Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

Uncommon Sports Group believes that building local relationships is essential to healthy communities. Today, USG's Director of Operations, Zac Colburn, provides his thanks and reflections for one of our most valuable local partnerships: Cristo Rey Jesuit High School.

"Cristo Rey Jesuit High School delivers a career-focused, college-preparatory education in the Catholic tradition for students with limited economic resources, uniquely integrating rigorous academic curricula with four years of professional work experience and support to and through college." (, 2023)

A Cristo Rey Graduation Ceremony

USG and Cristo Rey have been partners since 2016 and have hosted many student workers in our operations team who process items donated to USG by our Clean Out for a Cause program. Mr. Colburn shares more of his thoughts below:


Uncommon Sports Group has many partners to thank and who have helped us grow to support our impact on youth and leaders in the college and professional sport industry. One of our most enjoyable and helpful relationships has been with Cristo Rey Jesuit High School.

Our organization fosters students seeking high-quality job experience in a safe, faith-based culture. We aim to teach these student volunteers about reliability, accountability, and consistency in a real-life work environment. This partnership continues to be a tremendous blessing for USG and Cristo Rey.

Uncommon Sports Group has received outstanding support from well-educated, purpose-driven students and staff. At the same time, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School has found a trusted, thoughtful, and caring place for many students to enjoy learning about working in a successful business.

USG Staff and a CRJHS Student at Graduation
Student Luis Mejia with USG Founder Drew Boe and USG Staff members Hannah and James.

The relationship has been active since 2016 and has been nothing less than a continuing success story. The help of intelligent and capable students has brought significant value to our organization. They have also created bonds of friendships that continue to flourish.

Many past students stay connected to Uncommon Sports Group through social media even after graduation. It's a remarkable gift that God has orchestrated for both organizations.

Thinking of the growth we've seen together reminds me of a quote attributed to St. Ignatius and St. Augustine: "Pray as though everything depended on God and work as though everything depended on you."

We are grateful to Cristo Rey Jesuit High School and its active Christian community in Minneapolis. We share our experience with leaders and youth, which fits perfectly with Uncommon Sports Group's purpose and mission.

Thank you so much, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, for your partnership and for transforming the lives of young leaders, teaching, and guiding with faith. Our partnership is undoubtedly uncommon and continues to be inspirational.


Thank you, Zac, for sharing your thoughts! This is one of many examples of the impact of USG's Clean Out for a Cause program and the value of local, aligned, and faithful partners.

For more information on Cristo Rey and their academic programs, visit their website at

If you have questions or would like to connect with Uncommon Sports Group, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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