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AEMA Convention Recap

USG's booth at the AEMA convention!

Uncommon Sports Group attended the 2023 Athletic Equipment Managers Association (AEMA) Convention in Oklahoma City, OK. On June 4th, the convention kicked off various training sessions ranging from conference meetings to establishing a positive culture. All of this was kicked-off with an attendee meeting that featured an outstanding guest speaker, Amy Downs, who shared her story about surviving the Oklahoma City bombing and living an intentional life.

USG was there to connect with the many members of the AEMA that have been amazing supporters since we were once known as Managers On A Mission (MOAM). We were also able to kick off celebrating USG’s 10 year anniversary by sharing cupcakes with all attendees in the vendor exhibits. Being able to catch up with many who were there when founder Drew Boe announced the organization's creation at the AEMA convention in Las Vegas, NV, 10 years ago.

While catching up with members, we were also able to share the amazing impact of the Clean Out For A Cause program. Big milestones were achieved in the past year while surpassing 600,000 pounds of donations since the organization’s inception. The benefit of the Clean Out For A Cause program is the numerous individuals that have been able to take advantage of the USG Academy, Impact Weekends, Mission Trips, Scholarships, and the many other opportunities USG provides future leaders of the sports industry in connecting with their faith and their passion in sports.

During the convention, we were able to help host AEMA’s Fellowship of Equipment Managers meeting, where Augie Hernandez and Jalen Stone were able to share devotionals and inspire fellowship amongst the group allowing everyone in attendance to grow in their faith and connect with others in the industry.

USG was also able to create a greater connection with those in attendance at AEMA by hosting a laundry service project for anyone in attendance. AEMA attendees were able to come by and help local community members in OKC in doing their laundry at a local laundry facility and getting to share a little bit about what equipment managers do and our passion for helping others in need. Renegade Brands was also in attendance and provided laundry detergent for those in attendance. This was a great event, and we look forward to working with AEMA to continue to grow this opportunity in future years during the convention.

The AEMA convention was an awesome platform for sharing the opportunities USG provides aspiring professionals while providing information about our Clean Out For A Cause program. A big thank you to AEMA and its members for all of the support and opportunities to serve such a hard-working and essential industry within the sports world. We look forward to seeing everyone in Atlanta in 2024!


If you’re unfamiliar with Uncommon Sports Group, its programs, or its ministry, get connected through the form on our home page or check out the Uncommon Podcast.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.


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