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Our Community

A vibrant community of Sport Industry professionals

Our member network consists of leaders that are building authentic relationships on faith.

Discover the membership benefits of USG Academy

At USG, you will find a Christ-centered community that shares a passion for the sport industry. To become a member, you must attend our eight-week USG Academy.


The USG Academy provides deep connections to other Christians working in the sport industry. As a member, you will have access to a variety of resources to help grow your faith and career. This includes conferences, recommendations, connections, resume reviews, Bible studies, and more.

Our Member Benefits


Our members build authentic relationships founded on faith. 


Build relationships with like-minded believers through our app: USG Connect. This platform allows our network of leaders to connect from across the country. 


These connections have been a catalyst for friendships, job offers, accountability, and growth!

Missions Trips

Our international missions trips are one of the most impactful member experiences. Over two to three weeks, you will serve children through sports camps. 


You will also stretch your faith through street evangelism and scriptural studies. Many members return in awe of the Lord, feeling more prepared to live out their faith in the sport industry.


We have led 21 mission trips to 8 countries and 2 states. These trips are fully-funded and focus on development through service and spiritual growth.


Conferences are a great way to learn and develop. Our members attend conferences to grow in their career and faith. Many members attend Passion Conference, Daniel Summit, and ADs for Christ.

These experiences allow members to learn from industry leaders and grow their networks. A USG membership will fund your experience and provide fellowship during the event.


Join our network of faithful sport professionals

We invite sport industry professionals to apply for one of our USG Academy teams. Once selected, teams will complete our eight-week training and Impact Weekend gathering.


Upon completion, you will become part of our community and gain access to unrivaled resources.

If you have questions for us or would like to learn more about who USG is and what we do, feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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