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Nashville, TN, USA

AD's 4 Christ Conference

In July of 2021, we partnered with AD's 4 Christ for an incredible weekend event!

This past weekend Uncommon Sports Group took a team of 13 students to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the annual AD’s 4 Christ conference. Our students had the privilege of hearing from incredible guest speakers, such as former super bowl winning quarterback Trent Dilfer and the assistant AD of Development at the University of Louisiana, Hans Malebranche. Each guest speaker provided insight on how to be successful in the sports industry as a follower of Christ. Our students also were able to do some amazing tours at Lipscomb and Vanderbilt’s basketball facilities. USG’s own Matthew Dompreh gave our group a tour of Vanderbilt’s football facilities and stadium! The weekend was capped off at Ethos church and outreach in small groups after service. Each group passed out impact bags to people who needed help around the city and a plethora of amazing conversations happened! If you prayed for our group, we thank you and prayers we’re definitely answered as our students were able to grow spiritually and professionally this weekend!

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