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A Community of Christians working
in College and Professional Sports.

Faithful brothers and sisters, building fellowship and discipleship through Christ.




What is

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We know there are unique pressures and temptations associated with a life in professional and collegiate athletics. USG is here to equip and support you in your career and, more importantly, your faith.

The Stakes
"Can I really live out my faith in the sport industry?"

✔  Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of your job?

✔  Are you struggling with work/life balance?

✔  Do you feel like the only Christian in your workplace?

✔  Are you looking to advance your career but don't know where to start?

✔  Are you seeking people who share your passion for Christ and sport?

We are here to support you in your faith and your career, no matter where in life you are.
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Get Involved!

As USG members, you'll be provided with a wide variety of opportunities
to get plugged in and stay active in their community.


From the USG Academy to industry conferences, from domestic service projects to international mission trips, we want to provide you
with the chance to live out your faith in an active way. 

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